We have now split our breeding groups for 2015 to let the hens enjoy the hottest part of the year without the constant attentions of the cock birds.This means we will not be able to supply hatching eggs until 2016. This will now allow us to let all the hens roam the fields while we pressure wash and clean all the enclosures. During this period we attempt to partner up some of the many cockbirds we have  using our knowledge of which cocks are domineering and which will happily succumb to a more dominant male.  This allows me to get 3/4/5 cocks to a cage ready for winter,which makes managing the flock much easier over winter. This year we used artificial lighting to encourage the birds to lay and the cocks to tread  in early January which worked very well.  However we will not be repeating this as i never realized how difficult it would be to manage the volumes of chicks and breeding groups through the cold climates of winter!!  Mother nature has made springtime the natural time for breeding for a very good reason!  Thankyou to all who bought eggs from us and i will be ready to do it all again next spring[albeit fairly early in spring!!!]