Red Orpington Chickens


blankThis breeding pen began with a trio purchased from Bob Follows in spring 2011 together with hens from our original breeding stock.We have since strengthened the group by selecting some of the best of our offspring from the last few years.

Red Orpingtons are also one of the more prolific layers among the breed,which may be to do with the possible use of Sussex and Rhode Island Reds in the creation of the colour.The desired colour for red is a very deep mahogany with as as little if any black showing.However most cockerels will show a small amount of black in the tail feathers as there is a very fine line between keeping them dark red and allowing the colour to dilute over generations to a much lighter shade of red.

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Please note: to purchase cockerels or breeding groups please contact us to discuss availability via our contact form.

Red Orpington hatching eggs ( £2.50 each ) (Price: £2.50)
1 x Red orpington hatching egg laid by our own hens.

Red Orpington pullets for sale (Price: £5.00)
These Red Orpington pullets (pullet is a female under 18 weeks old) have been bred from our own flock and hand reared at our Essex Orpingtons farm.

Reserve by paying a £5 deposit per bird. Simply add birds to the cart and then checkout. We will then contact you regarding collection / further payment / courier services via email, phone etc..

Red Orpington Chicken Photos

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