Lavender Isabel Orpington Chickens

Lavender Isabel orpingtonOVERVIEW

The lavender Isabel orpington is an extremely rare and beautiful colour in any large fowl birds. The main body colour is a light cream with lavender cuckoo neck and saddle feather overlay.

We have been developing this colour for 4 years and we are very proud of the quality of this bird regarding colour, type and size.  This colour has bred true on all hatches. Here at Essex Orpington’s we are proud to say that we are confident we were the first to create this lavender Isabel in large fowl Orpington’s.

Essex Orpington’s lavender Isabel orpington bloodline has now been established throughout  mainland Europe and the USA. We will be running 2  breeding groups this year as we anticipate high demand for such a unique colour.

Lavender Isabel Orpington Chicken Photos

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