Jubilee Orpington Chickens


blankThe breed standard for this colour requires that the bird has a mahogany ground colour with black spangles and white tips, white legs, beak and feet with red eyes.

Our Jubilee Orpington group has improved very much over the last few years .We were lucky enough to acquire some exhibition standard stock to add to our existing birds from Jane Allman who has championed this colour for many years. We hatched some very good quality offspring in 2014 and having strengthened the group with some very good type and marked pullets we anticipate that the 2015 birds will be of an even higher standard.


According to the record books the colour was first introduced in 1897 and many feel the Speckled Sussex was used in its creation.Another theory is that it was the result of crossing the mismarked buffs with Old English Game and Red Dorkings. The Jubilee Orpington was named  to commemorate queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee. The mahogany base with black spangles and white tips makes this a very desirable colour.

Jane Allman together with husband Nigel led the campaign to successfully  get this colour,together with spangled and cuckoo, accepted by the poultry club of Great Britain.

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Jubilee Orpington hatching eggs ( £2.50 ) (Price: £2.50)
1 x Jubilee orpington hatching egg laid by our own hens.

Jubilee Orpington pullets for sale (Price: £5.00)
These Jubilee Orpington pullets (pullet is a female under 18 weeks old) have been bred from our own flock and hand reared at our Essex Orpingtons farm.

Reserve by paying a £5 deposit per bird. Simply add birds to the cart and then checkout. We will then contact you regarding collection / further payment / courier services via email, phone etc..

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