Crele Orpington Chickens

Crele orpingtonOVERVIEW

This is our favourite Orpington colour!

We have sourced crele Orpington’s from the few private flocks across the country and through strict selection of offspring we now have a very strong group in this colour.

We had a very successful season in 2013 consolidating this colour ,as well as acquiring the breeding group from Leon Haylock at lph poultry. This was another top quality group, and I believe we now have the largest breeding group in the country.

We will run three groups this year to make sure fertility is good and hopefully this wonderful colour can be consolidated across the country!!!

This colour was introduced to the Uk by David Pownall, but most examples have now been diluted by poor breeding. My group however have received very favourable comments from some of the country’s top breeders, including David Pownall who now no longer runs the colour himself.

Crele Orpington Chicken Photos

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