Blue Splash Orpington Chickens


blue_splash_pencilThese Blue Splash Orpington’s have been breed from my original stock,to which I added a trio purchased from Leon Haylocks 2012 exhibition stock.

In addition to this group, in spring 2013 we were lucky enough to be entrusted to continue the years of good work put into the  large fowl breeding group of blues and splash that gave Matt Hanson much success in the poultry showing world.

With such a large collection to select from the splash offspring from 2013 are without doubt the best splash I have bred since I began.

Buy Splash Orpington Chickens that are for sale

Please note: to purchase cockerels or breeding groups please contact us to discuss availability via our contact form.

Blue Splash Orpington hatching eggs ( £2.50 each ) (Price: £2.50)
1 x Blue Splash hatching egg laid by our own hens.

Blue Splash Orpington pullets for sale (Price: £5.00)
These Blue Splash Orpington pullets (pullet is a female under 18 weeks old) have been bred from our own flock and hand reared at our Essex Orpingtons farm.

Reserve by paying a £5 deposit per bird. Simply add birds to the cart and then checkout. We will then contact you regarding collection / further payment / courier services via email, phone etc..

Blue Splash Orpington Chicken Photos

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Further information

The correct description of Splash is a nearly white bird,having black/and or blue splashes on it as a result of the effect of homozygous blue on a black bird.Breeding the correct shade is very important with blue, and splash is no different as the aim is to eliminate any red from showing through.

Orpingtons are bred as much for their looks and temperament as for their egg laying capabilities. A healthy Splash Orpington hen should lay 120 – 200 eggs per year and achieve a weight of between 7 – 10lbs and a cock bird should achieve a weight of between 10 -12lbs.

Breeding table for blue,black and splash

blue x blue =50% blue/ 25% splash/25%black

blue x black=50% black/50% blue

blue x splash=50% blue/50% splash

splash x splash= 100% splash

black x splash=100% blue

black xblack=100% black