I have about 20 ex breeding hens for sale at a reduced price.These are very good quality birds but i am just trimming up my breeding groups as i have built up far too many birds.Some of  these hens are a little trodden by active cockerels but most are untrodden this year. Although not giving the performance of a first year pullet these hens will continue to provide eggs for a good few years to come.  THESE BIRDS WILL BE SOLD AT £15/£20/£25 EACH DEPENDING ON AGE .

Hatching eggs in most colours now available.

We can now offer hatching eggs in most of the colours on our website as the birds are  are now laying well and fertility is good.To order simply visit our hatching egg page and fill your basket !!! Please however do bear in mind that it is very early in the year and if we have a cold snap it may cause a blip in egg production. I will endeavour to fulfill all orders but if we are an egg or two short on an order i will give the option of a refund or alternative colour eggs! Any other colours not listed at present should  be made available over the next few weeks,so keep an eye on the website hatching eggs section for more availability.

Great start to the year with lots of fertile hatching eggs and lots of lovely chicks!

bark_chippingsAll the hard work at the end of  last season has paid off for us this year with our first hatch of 120 plus chicks last weekend and 300 plus this week. We organised the breeding groups and carried out all the maintenance on pens etc so that we could totally concentrate on creating the best conditions for early egg production. We have used artificial lighting this year for the first time to allow us to hatch so much earlier. We feel that although this is not letting nature take its course, the benefit of the chicks growing up through the spring and into summer should improve further the quality of the birds.

It is also our plan to breed enough birds to not only fulfill any sales but also to replace most of our breeding groups this year, which will allow us to strip out the inside section of the pens in the barns for the first time in four years. This will mean that we will have some very, very good breeding groups available for sale. These groups will be made available when I feel I have hatched enough birds to give me the best chance to make new groups before winter sets in. I know this sounds a very drastic action, but it is necessary  that we strip out all the caging and give the barns and outside runs a serious clean.

The floors in our barns and outside runs are only earth and even though we regularly clean them it would be beneficial to replenish the top layer with some fresh soil. Keep an eye on the website for further information regarding availability of these groups as I will release them as and when I have hatched enough for myself and fulfilled any hatching egg orders. On a final note we anticipate that hatching eggs for most colours will be available for purchase from mid february.

Again keep an eye on the website and I will update availability of each colour as they become available. Sexed growers in most colours will be available in march/april,however we still have a few blues,blacks and buffs from 2014 that are available now.

The challenges of autumn/winter 2014

We are now at the middle of December and the weather has finally turned for the worse! All of our breeding groups are settled now ready to tough it out until the weather improves. We have begun to prolong the light within the barns to encourage them to lay a little earlier than they naturally would. The feed is also now being switched to a breeder ration and the only thing left to do is trim the birds to improve the chance of successful  mating. To carry out this operation[on about 200!] birds we now use a set of sheep shears which we find is far quicker and easier than trimming with scissors!

It is our intention to hatch eggs as early as possible this year as we have very little stock available for sale. Also we are  very seriously considering entering the exhibition world with some of our bloodlines in 2015 [ if we can find the time!!!], so early hatched birds will be vital to compete in shows later in the year.

We have sold most of the pullets from our 2014 hatches, but still have a few very good quality blacks left. We bred these in  large quantities due to running a pen of pure blacks and also the black offspring from our blue breeding pens.We also still have a good selection of top qaulity 2014 cockerels in most colours that would be a great addition to any group and also be ideal for anyone needing a fresh bloodline.


Website upgrade nearly complete!

As some of you may have noticed we have been busy upgrading the website to make life a little easier for you and us.We have added purchase features which we hope will help us to fulfill your orders more easily. It will allow us to have your contact, order and postage/payment details all at the press of a button. There was a point last year, particularly with the hatching eggs that the orders got a little out of control!!

I must apologise that whilst we are carrying out the upgrades the impression is being given that we have birds and hatching eggs for sale now. We actually do not have birds or hatching eggs for sale at present [except a few black pullets],but we will notify you on this newspage when we have availabilty.

The deposit system we have put in place for the birds will ensure that we reserve for you the colours you wish for even before they are ready for collection. This will give me a better idea whether to hatch more of certain colours to fulfill orders.It seems to me that every year there is an` in demand` colour and  we never seem to have bred enough!

We have also added many more pictures and more  information on the birds which we hope you will find useful.


Get your breeding groups settled ready for 2015

We currently have unrelated and line bred pairs,trios and quartets available in most of the colours on our website.
We now have a policy at essex orpingtons of running on large ammounts of cock birds to maturity as we found the results from this in the 2013 season gave us a chance to select very good quality cocks,which would have been guesswork if we selected our breeding cocks at an early age.
This has added quality to our 2014 offspring that we would otherwise have missed out on.
Most commercial breeders would feel keeping these birds as a waste of money,but those breeders of quality showstock would always run on a larger ammount of cocks to select the qualities that often do not show until near maturity.
This is also an ideal opportunity to bring in a new bloodline to your existing flock.

No more hatching eggs available until 2015

There will be no more hatching eggs available this year as we have now split up our breeding groups. We have had a very succesful breeding season this year mainly due to the very nice spring weather, and we have finished all our hatching. I am sorry if this causes disapointment to anyone,but Essex orps is primarily a hobby[albeit a very large one!!!] and the hatching egg process takes alot of time which at present i just dont have. With so many chicks and growers to concentrate on we can now let our breeding flock roam free in the field and recuperate in what i hope will be a very nice summer!
I can assure you that we will have fertile eggs available as early as possible in 2015,so watch the website for updates on that after the christmas holidays.
Many thanks to all who purchased eggs this year and i hope you now have lovely strong orpington chicks and growers!!

2014 sexed growers now available

After a very successfull breeding season we are now able to offer sexed growers in most of the colours on our website for collection from the end of may. These birds will be vaccinated and off heat.Prices start from £25 for 10/12 week old growers rising to £35 depending on age. Please contact us via email for prices and availability which may vary depending on qauntity,colour and age of birds required.

2014 Chicks coming soon / very few 2013 cockerels and pullets left for sale.

We now have very few 2013 cockerels and pullets left for sale as demand has been very high this year. We will endeavour to update the availability page as regularly as possible to keep you informed of what we still have available.

I suspect all the early interest has been due to the very welcome weather that we have had throughout march.
Every year in the depths of winter we all question whether this really is the hobby for us!! Then the sun comes out and all our reservations are forgotten!!!!

For anyone that missed out on the colour they wanted in the 2013 birds we are now awaiting our first hatches of the season and we hope to have sexed growers available in most colours by the end of may.

We fill our incubators first whilst testing fertility before we begin to despatch eggs to the public and fertility has proved very good, which is another consequence of the fine weather conditions.

Delay in offering hatching eggs

Orpington chicken hatching eggsHATCHING EGGS

In previous years we have endeavoured to provide fertile hatching eggs as early in the year as possible. This year however we anticipate it will be the end of march/start april before we start offering fertile hatching eggs for sale.The reasons for this are that due to our very strange weather patterns of late the birds are not treading prolifically until they feel spring is in the air and also largefowl orpingtons are notoriously lazy breeders and are always later than most other breeds with fertility.

We do not feel it is practical for us to provide artificial lighting ,etc for such a large number of breeding groups.This is obviously not cast in stone so if fertility is reached at an earlier date I will contact all persons who have reserved eggs in the relevant colours. Whilst we know we may lose some eggs sales through this policy we think that it  is best for both parties as I want to provide you with the maximum chance of hatching the chicks you desire ,and to do this they must be fertile!!! We will however take orders to reserve eggs on a first come first served basis from February 1st onwards.

We will not require a deposit ,but please only order if you are happy to wait until I can confirm maximum fertility. You may order the eggs by telephone or email.